Lora- Radio reported  in Switzerland about the Jineoloji Conference:  http://we.tl/T8wiyufMO9

Why a Jineology Conference PDF

Dear women, dear comrades,

We would like to invite you to the first Jineology women’s conference with the title „Jineology- Radical thinking and constructing from the women’s perspective“.

The aim of the conference is to question and deconstruct the ruling sciences and their patriarchal and capitalist structures and to create, share, and discuss alternative, future-oriented concepts of women’s studies and alternative ways of thinking and living.

We aim to spend these two and a half days at the conference together as women from various social contexts, fields, struggles, and geographic regions, in order to approach each other for a common struggle for a free, democratic, and ecological society.

The conference will take place from February 28th until March 2nd at the University of Cologne in Germany and will be translated into english, kurdish, german and turkish. We will also set up a Livestream so that all women who aren’t able to participate may at least track the whole conference live via internet.

The conference includes five main themes:

1. Distorted History – Distortion of Identities

2. Epistemology of Science – The Construction of a Science that Excludes Women from Life

3. Feminism – The Rebellion of the Earliest Colony

4. Jineology: – The Re-Construction of the Sciences Towards a Communal and Free Life

5. Experiences of Women’s Movements

Besides speeches and discussions, the program will also contain cultural activities.

We are looking forward to see you at the conference and remain in solidarity and with feminist greetings,

Women of the organisational committee